Today we are pleased to share a new video for the track “Bone” from our upcoming debut album “Hydrogen”, out June 23rd on By Norse Music! Watch the video premiered exclusively on CVLT Nation HERE

Pre-order “Hydrogen” limited CD, LP and shirt here:
North America

“…a wistful paean to the atmospheric achievements of electronic pioneers like Tangerine Dream and Cluster, replete with shimmering walls of old-school synths and a persistent motorik pulse that’s equal parts Kraftwerk and Neu! Unlike a lot of similarly inclined projects, however, the extended pieces on Hydrogen sound neither retro nor tethered to someone else’s blueprint.”” – Team Rock

“A challenging and introspective musical experience that is worth a listen.” – Metal Wani

“This release delivers yet another fascinating example of the development of ambient post-rock with nods towards electronica and early krautrock which appears prevalent at the moment. Highly enjoyable.” – Aural Delights

“The project aims to entrance its listeners in ethereal atmospheres, rather than bludgeon with odd times and black metal.” – Metal Injection